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Drug rehab center is another description of a program like Spencer Recovery Centers for just such a drug rehab center will "rehabilitate" a drug user. Drug rehab center is the place to go when you realize that you have no control over your drug abuse. Loss of control is one of innumerable symptoms of drug addiction and Gulf Coast drug rehab center is the solution to your drug dependence. As a drug rehab center, Spencer Recovery Centers uses the most effective techniques to cleanse the body and mind of all drugs whether they are illegal street drugs or abuse of prescription medications. The American Medical Association identified addiction as a disease over fifty years ago and like all diseases there is a specific set of recovery steps that an effective drug rehab center must follow in order to ensure its clients will enjoy long-term sobriety.

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The first step at a drug rehab center like Spencer Recovery Centers is conducting an extensive admissions interview and making sure there are no physical emergencies with which need to be dealt. Drug abuse often has a wide variety of serious consequences on the body that vary depending on the user's drug of choice. Spencer Recovery Centers ensures that our clients are safe and that they are given time to detoxify and clear their mind before they can be expected to concentrate on an active treatment plan.

A drug rehab center such as Spencer Recovery Centers will focus on treating the root causes of addiction and transforming the behavior and thinking patterns that have allowed the disease to grow. This can take time and our clients will be expected to actively participate in either day or evening treatment and attend 12 step meetings as an introduction to the recovery community. A clean mind will lead to a clean body and vice-versa so Spencer Recovery Centers offers many different recreational facilities that you simply will not find at another drug rehab center.

Our day treatment features group sessions with a small number of others in recovery just like you and we also feature one-on-one sessions to address personal issues and challenges. The local area has many 12 step meetings and our clients are encouraged to find a few that they really like.

One of the biggest strengths of Spencer Recovery Centers that sets it apart from the typical drug rehab center is its ability to accommodate long term stays. We are not a program that turns our clients loose in 2 weeks, when the insurance runs out or whichever comes first. We keep our facilities small and personal so that our clients all receive the individual attention that they deserve and can make arrangements to stay as long or as short as possible to create a strong foundation for recovery.

If Spencer Recovery Centers sounds like the program for you, call us right now for more information and to find out if we have space available.


drug rehab center | residential treatment | about | resources | contact

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